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International Sports Recruitment Logo Design 2020

Who are International Sports Recruitment?

International Sports Recruitment specialises in the recruitment of athletes who are looking to further their education alongside playing sport and competing at the university level. They dedicate their time to ensuring their clients are not only taken care of during the recruitment process, but throughout their university careers.  ISR offers clients a wide range of services including application, visa preparation, SAT testing, communication with university coaches and a cultural transition leading to the possibility of becoming a professional athlete. They support their clients right the way through to attaining their degree.

All International Sports Recruitment staff members are former USA student-athletes, competing at the highest levels in the U.S. This allowed ISR to build a genuine connection with experienced, reliable coaches to ensure their athletes are given the best chance to prosper.  They have four great staff members; Jack Gibson, Charlie Hackshall, Craig Barker, and James Paylor.

All have their own professional academy backgrounds in England working with Scunthrope United, Hartlepool United, Millwall FC, Newcastle United, Sunderland AFC and Darlington FC.  They made the transition to the U.S at the ages of 18-23 where we studied the first 2 years of our journey in Iowa at junior colleges.  Those past experiences put the clients in safe hands, given that all staff went down the U.S scholarship path and can pass their knowledge on to clients.

How did I help?

International Sports Recruitment approached me as they were looking for a logo, to build a brand and to build their own website.  At the time of writing, I have worked with James to identify the needs of the company and to confirm what they need to do digitally to achieve their goals.  The first step was to create some draft designs for the logo.  These were developed over the course of a week and International Sports Recruitment now have their brand new logo.

International Sports Recruitment Logo Final

International Sports Recruitment, “Why do you do what you do?”

For us, it’s all about the client. Some companies in this industry pride themselves on being able to get clients to the U.S; however, within months or even weeks, they return home. We strive to not just get clients studying overseas, but to complete their studies and really get the most from this life changing experience. There are many amazing opportunities that arise from moving to the other side of the world and being out of your comfort zone. The reason we do, what we do, is because every athlete that is looking to pursue an education in the U.S deserves the best support they can have. A recruitment company that is really rooting for them.

Plan for the future?

The future for International Sports Recruitment is simple, they want to create a community of athletes and coaches that are thriving. Athletes that are pursuing an education that they love whilst reaching every self-set goal they have on the field. They want to strengthen their relationships with coaches and universities while encouraging transparency and reliability to ensure their clients are taken care of. In the future, they hope to have their own academy team, travelling to the U.S to play games and take tours of some of the great universities out there.

I’ll be creating a website which is the perfect platform to support International Sports Recruitment and their clients in achieving these goals.

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