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Pink Milk Jewellery eCommerce Website Launched 2020

Pink Milk Jewellery

I first built an online shop website for Pink Milk Jewellery, a local jewellery making company, independently run by firstly my friend Jen Ferguson.  I met Jen through work; we both work at the local college, Jen as a Marketing Assistant, so she really knows her stuff when it comes to marketing.  No pressure on me then! Aside from all of this, Jen also hand makes awesome jewellery.  You’ll see her full range here.

The Build

So where do you start in trying to impress an experienced Digital Marketer and show her that you’re the right man to build her online shop for her brand new business?  To be honest, it was very much a joint effort to get this one over the ‘finish line’.  Jen had a very clear picture of exactly how she wanted the site to look.  She’d previously used online shop marketplaces such as Etsy. Jen was ready for something with her own name on.

Whilst I was in the background building the structure of the site, Jen was gathering her content.  I host the website, purchased the domain, created the pages, installed the plugins, claimed an SSL certificate and linked the payment gateways (Stripe and PayPal for Business). Jen produced the content (the good stuff), taking quality product images, writing up description, categorising products and deciding prices for her products.  In truth, I don’t think of this project as a website build of my own, but it was very much a joint effort.  Without Jen’s ideas of what the online shop should look like and drive to gather content at a super-quick pace, we wouldn’t have finished the website so quickly and precisely.

I looked forward to the meetings with Jen.  We’d meet in the local Costa, mainly chatting about ‘the day job’ at College, then spend the last half an hour clarifying what we both needed to do for the online shop build.  I got the coffee’s the first time, Jen the next, everything was 50/50!  Jen collected her content together in a spreadsheet (below) and this is a template that I still use together to gather content for an eCommerce website.

Pink Milk Spreadsheet

First International Sales

With Pink Milk, we again see the power of an online shop.  To start with Jen was mainly selling to the local areas of Norton, Stockton and across the Tees Valley.  But in April 2020, just two months after the site was released, Jen made her first international sale, selling products overseas to America  It’s fair to say that Jen was elated with this and rightly so!

Pink Milk Jewellery eCommerce Website International Sale


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