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JT Elite Performance Starter One-Page Website Launched 2019

Joe Taylor, JT Elite Performance Featured Image

I’ve known Joe Taylor for as long as I can remember.  His brother is going to be best man at my wedding and we’ve been kicking a football together since we were kids. In 2019, Joe returned from his football scholarship in America to start his own fitness company.  So when he asked me to build him a website, I helped out.

The Website

Joe’s one-page fitness website is segmented into services he offers; education, football coaching and personal training. I worked with Joe to get a true picture of his work, so that his website could be a true representation of his offer.  Joe was a dream client, in the sense that he was excellent at collecting content such as fitness images and fitness profiles of his clients. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) allow users to get the answers to their burning questions.

JT Elite Performance Website - Testimonials Section

Why a one-page website?

A one-page website is a great starting point for brand new companies who are currently building their portfolio and services.  I used a navigation menu that sits at the top of the website. This is standard for most sites but then I use Menu Anchors to link to different sections of the page.

With Joe’s website, we added Menu Anchors in the menu so that users can easily jump to the section of the website they find most useful; think of this as an index in a book, it works in exactly the same way.  You wouldn’t sit and read a full book to find out the one piece of information you’re after, so why should a website be any different?

JT Elite Performance One-Page Website