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Suzanne Wilson Hair & Beauty Bespoke Business Website Launched 2019

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Who are Suzanne Wilson Hair & Beauty?

Suzanne Wilson Hair and Beauty now have an impressive hair and beauty website, one to be proud of.  Based in Billingham, Suzanne’s salon is built on a well-established reputation within the hairdressing sector.  Formerly based in Darlington, Suzanne relocated to Billingham in October 2015 as the company outgrew the salon.  Whilst in Darlington, Suzanne had three stations and one basin. This meant the trainee couldn’t be trained and new staff couldn’t start work. Her new home is more spacious, with 9 stations, 2 nail bars and a spray tan room.  This provides her team of 10 staff with the environment they need to succeed.

Suzanne has now added a Beauty Therapy service to her offer and switched to Suzanne Wilson Hair & Beauty.  Suzanne’s client base varies in age and whilst some of her younger clients may prefer to use an app to book their appointment, many clients still use her hair and beauty website to book their next treatments online.  This website must be accessible, so clients can quickly schedule appointments.

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The Brief

Suzanne asked for her website to be easy to use.  Her old website was untidy and this can be very off-putting for users.  We’ve all experienced a website that left us asking ‘how the hell do I do this?’. In truth, there are few things more frustrating in life than not being able to find something that you need. Your keys, a pencil, your wallet.  Why should a website be any different?

Suzanne rebranded just before hiring me to rebuild her site, so I had to be disciplined in taking the new branding into account.  The salon was also due for redecorating just before the global pandemic, so there’s work to follow up with Suzanne to make sure the website follows suit.

The Changes

When you first access the Suzane Wilson Hair and Beauty website, there is an option to book your appointment on the home page.  I have added this option to the header of the website and made it sticky. so that regardless of what page of the website you are on, booking your next treatment is only one click away.  Small changes like this can make the world of difference.

What next?

We’ve played with the idea of making this site an eCommerce platform.  This would allow Suzanne to start selling hair and beauty products online.  If there’s an upcoming birthday or special event, then wouldn’t it be great to jump online and order a voucher, hair or beauty product?  It’s early days with this website, but there is still work to do. When the pandemic passes, selling products online is certainly something we’ll be considering.