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LAM Welding Engineering Services Logo & Business Card Design 2020

LAM Welding Engineering Services Feature Image

Initial Contact & The Brief

Established in 2002, LAM Welding Engineering Services discovered me through Facebook.  On the hunt for a new logo, business cards, email domain and a website, Katy contacted me through email.  We started with Katy relaying to me the ideas of what that LAM logo would look like.  After putting down her pencil and leaving her short-lived art career behind, Katy gave me the brief to stick to as below:

A spark  (it’s a welding company)

LAM Welding Engineering services – company name

Maybe an est 2020 somewhere

So, where do you start in creating a logo?

Most, if not all designs, regardless of whether the design is a logo, an infographic, business cards, a website, an email campaign or a social media campaign are primary ideas. I want it to look like *this*.  My work gets the idea out of a head and down on paper or a blank canvas.

From Katy’s ideas, I cherry-picked a few ideas of my own.  The first thought was around colour and graphics, which was ‘electric blue and white colours, similar to that of a welding spark’.  Added thought was to have ‘a mixture of sparks, welding masks and/or a shaped badge’.  I was also thinking ‘strong fonts, the bolder the better, but not overcomplicated and readable’.  Below are the initial proposals that I sent to LAM.

Decision Time

From the proposed designs, LAM Welding Engineering Services chose the design below as their logo.  At this point, we finalise the email domain giving LAM a professional email domain.

LAM Welding Engineering Services Logo

Logo complete, now for Business Cards

Next up was the business card design.  LAM requested that this should include their newly designed logo, the director’s name and job title, his contact telephone number, email address and possibly a section that states welding verification, auditing & welding engineer. They looked for designs both with and without the latter, of which I sent them through the below as initial proposal designs.