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ABMF Property Services Ltd Starter Website Launched 2020

ABMF Property Services Starter Website Garden Project

Who are ABMF Property Services Ltd?

ABMF Property Services Ltd began trading in 2019 and called for a logo design and starter website to showcase their services.  Their logo is very simplistic and modern.  Since the design of the logo, we have worked with a third-party company who specialise in printing designs on to vehicles. I’m still so proud to see my design work driving around the North East of England. #

ABMF Property Services Logo Van Design

ABMF are a commercial and residential property refurbishment company based in Stockton-On-Tees but working across the whole North East of England. With over 20 years of experience, the team are highly qualified and reliable in their specialist areas. They provide property development services at competitive rates including Bathrooms, Brickwork, Cladding, Decking, Electrical, Gutters, Kitchens, Plastering, Plumbing, Rendering, Roofing, Tiling and Windows.

ABMF Property Services Starter Website Unit Refurb

A New Business – Where To Start?

When I was asked to take on the ABMF website, I started by penning some ideas of what the starter website could look like and what it could include.  With any start up business, it’s vital to get a true picture of how that business “currently operates” and not to fall into the trap of “this is what we can offer, but have no evidence of doing so”.  This is exactly what I wanted to achieve with this starter website.

ABMF Property Services Starter Website Summerhouse Build

We agreed that the best approach would be to build a portfolio of their projects so far.  This means that the starter website best reflects the work that the business carries out and not what they can carry out.  Over time, not only would the projects grow and give a bigger picture of the services ABMF Property Services can offer, but the starter website would become more trusted and definable in terms of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO – the process that Google and other search engines use when listing results as internet users explore search engines).

What Next?

Moving forward, the content is really key to this starter website.  It’s important that Mark and Andrew both keep on top of the content, to help grow their project portfolio.  After all, this is what I believe will drive traffic to the website and ultimately lead to new business for ABMF.  Sadley, not every job will feature, as that would be difficult to maintain.  It could also become repetitive as a lot of their projects do have similarities.

ABMF Property Services Starter Website Billingham Decking

I have challenged them both to start thinking about which jobs would be good to display in their project portfolio.  Every job needs consistent photos (i.e. dimensions) and a minimum of 300 words exert, as you could write what I know about property maintenance on the back of a postage stamp.

Social Media Management

I manage the ABMF Property Services Ltd social media accounts.  As and when they submit content for the starter website, I push this out to all of their social media platforms using a effective social media management tool called Hootsuite.  ABMF carry out property maintenance for both commercial and residential properties, meaning that they needed both the Business to Business social media platform (we opted for LinkedIn) and the Business to Consumer social media platforms (we opted for both Facebook and Instagram).  With these platforms, I designed all graphics to the exact dimensions recommended by the social media platform providers.

  ABMF Property Services Social Media

Since creating and managing these platforms over a year ago, they have proven useful in generating new business.  Most of the projects that ABMF Property carry out are as a direct result of social media enquiries.  Whether this is another business looking for a unit refurbishment, such as that of Rasmi Electronics (pictured above) or a residential property project such as the summerhouse and decking projects (also pictured above).  All in all, this is the proof that it was pivotal to be across all social media platforms.